Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March Wallpapers


This is my week off from Word Art WednesdayDiane’s Daydream Designs is the sponsor this week and providing the wordart.  I’m sure you will love it.

I do have new wallpapers for you for March though.  I know I am using birds again, but birds remind me of spring.  I am SO ready for spring.  I was always told that when you see a robin that spring is coming, but I have seen several robins in my backyard and then it was covered with snow.  I think those poor birds must be as confused as I am.

March 2014 desktop

(Click image to download)

March 2014 iphone/ipad background

Click here to download ipad background.

Click here to download iphone background.

The WORDart I used can be found here.

Thank you so much for stopping by.


Debbie said...

These are beautiful! Thank you!!!
Both on my phone and laptop! :)

Jennifer said...

This is absolutely gorgeous Karen, and brought an instant smile to my face!
Praise God for each splendid new day!
Praying you have a beautiful day today!

Teresa Arsenault said...

You will never hear me complain about you using birds. I love them. These are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

PS - I will have some free scripture word art on my blog within the next day or so.

Elaine M said...

We had robins hopping around in the snow too - poor little guys. At least they know I keep lots of feed out for them. Really like the designs on today's post - you always share the best ideas. Hugs and blessings.

kiwimeskreations said...

Thank you Karen - love this, even if autumn is starting here - after a very brief summer!