Friday, April 1, 2011

Cricut Meets Cork


So I had this thought that it would be so cool to decorate a plate with cork.  I pulled out my Cricut and my adhesive cork and set out to see if it would work.  I used a file that I found on The Free SVG Blog.  It cut pretty well, although I did have to clean up a few straggly pieces.  I cut it with the multi cut feature set to cut twice using the deep cut blade on 6, the pressure on 5 and the speed on 3.  I wouldn’t advice cutting it three times, as it was starting to crumble the edges a bit after the second time. 

After I cut it, I used some Angel Wings Shimmer paint to give it a little shimmer.  It looks great and I really love the texture!

I would love to see what you cut with cork.  Please leave a comment and share your link.

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MariLynn said...

This is so cool. Love it!