Friday, August 8, 2008

A so-so card...and hail

I don't have much today. I am battling a bad case of poison ivy, and I have been quite miserable. It has spread to my face and my eye is all swollen, and I am really tired of itching all over!!

I made this card last week. I don't really like this card, but I spent so much time on it that I decided to share it anyways. I added the white "faux stitching" as a last ditch effort to add something to it and looking at this picture I realize it isn't even straight! This is for sure going in the circular file! Anyways, I made this card because I wanted to play around with my Tonic Border system punch. I actually like the way that came out. I also wanted to try using the punch as a cut out in the middle of a circle. I like the way that came out, also. I just don't like the overall card.
We had a hail storm yesterday. I don't remember being in a hail storm in a very long time. I remember as a kid we would have hail storms and would love to go outside after to pick it up. That is exactly what my kids did and I just had to get some pictures. They got such a huge kick out of it. It was really fun to see their excitement.
Have a blessed day!


Unknown said...

This is so pretty! And wow, hail??? I can't even imagine!!!

CathyRose said...

So sorry you are miserable with poison ivy, ouch! I rather like your card and love the stitching. You have a lot of great details in this card. You should send it to someone, don't throw it away.

Cris A said...

I hope you get over the poison ivy soon, I know it's the pits! I think I still have hail in the freezer from the last storm, I don;t really know which one put it in there, or why.
I think the card is gorgeous! I love the colors!!