Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Word Art Wednesday Luke 2:14

Wow!  This is one of those weeks where all the days run together.  I just realized that is it already Wednesday and I had better get this post up.  This week’s scripture is often used as a Christmas scripture, so if you still have some last minute Christmas cards to make (or just deciding to make cards) maybe this will help.

Luke 2:14 WORDart by Karen for WAW personal use

(click image to download)

Glory to God in the highest!  Think on that for a few minutes; say it like you mean it a few times.  Pretty powerful!  All glory belongs to Him; there is nothing or anyone who is higher than He is.  There is no situation that is bigger, no problem that is greater.  It makes me want to shout it from the rooftops (and I am not a shouter), but God is so good and He deserves all glory.  How can I give Him the glory He deserves?  Well, one way is to live peaceably with all men, to show good will to His people.  The Bible tells us that if we do good (or bad) to anyone, we do it as unto Him.  This holiday season  Everyday I want Him to be front and center in my life and to show His love to everyone, that He would get all the glory.

Have a blessed day!

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Laura W said...

Thank you for the wordart :)
Merry Christmas!

Teresa Arsenault said...

A perfect sentiment for Christmas. Thank you.