Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Décor 2013

Today, I would like to invite you into our home and share with you how I have decorated for Christmas.  I have kept things rather simple this year (at least for me).  I tend to go all out with Christmas decorating because I love it so much, but I didn’t go as crazy this year.  I skipped the greenery on the bannister (so much work) and the upstairs Christmas tree (just not feeling it this year).

This is what you would see as you walk through our front door.  I have no decorations outside except for a wreath hanging on the front door, because I am lazy like that and no one else has volunteered to do it.  Our foyer is probably the most decorated part of our home.

Christmas 2013 foyer collage2

My husband bought me this little table top live tree, which I love.  I placed it on a chair that is normally on our front porch, tied red gingham ribbon on the branches and hung some snowflake ornaments on it.  A wreath that I made previously is hanging on the coat rack and I placed a lantern and some greenery on the bench.  The angel birdbath was a gift from a friend several years ago and I filled it with greenery, red berries, and cinnamon scented pine cones.  I have had this little sleigh and Boyds bear forever, and it sits on the floor by the tree along with a lantern, greenery, and some pretty Christmas gift boxes saved from previous years.

Christmas 2013 kitchen cabinet tops

Our kitchen is the next room you would see.  I did very little here, just replaced a tree in my soup tureen for the giant succulent that is usually on top of my cabinets.  If I could figure out how to light it without having to climb up there to turn it off and on, I would add lights to it.

Christmas 2013 kitchen counter

I have a small lighted tree in a terra cotta pot, that I painted and added a French transfer to, and a penguin mug holding candy canes sitting on our kitchen counter.  This picture is a favorite of my husband and granddaughter.  I had set it on the counter and loved how it looked, so it has stayed there.

Christmas 2013 mantle collage

Our family room is right off the kitchen and you can see the mantle.  The mantle decorations are quite simple; I didn’t even hang our stockings. I really wanted to make some new ones from drop cloth, but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen this year.  The clock belonged to my father-in-law; this will be our first Christmas without him.  I love to have things that remind us of him in our home, it makes me feel like he’s with us somehow. A fresh wreath hangs on the laundry room door.  It smells so good!  A basket of greenery with pine cones and ornaments sits by the rocking chair.

Christmas 2013 nativity

Of course, the reason for the season gets center stage.  A nativity set sits on top of a buffet.  The nativity poster is one I sell in my Etsy shop and it hangs over the sofa.  I had it printed at Staples as a 24x36 blueprint and built a frame for it.  I wanted it to be the focus, so I just hung wreaths on either side hung from torn red-striped fabric.

Christmas 2013 coffee table

I love this little tray that I purchased from T.J. Maxx a while ago; it sits on my coffee table filled with some painted books, a candle, a red lantern, and a miniature tree tied at the top with the same red-striped fabric.

Christmas 2013 Christmas tree box

I am really proud of my Christmas tree box that I made.  My Christmas tree skirts never stayed put and I decided this year I would come up with a new solution.  I transferred the French graphic using the freezer paper method.  I had never tried that before and was a little leery, but it worked great.  After Christmas, it will find it’s way into my craft room and hold shipping supplies.  I love things that are double duty!

Christmas 2013 Christmas tree collage

Our Christmas tree sits off in the corner of our family room.  We have had this artificial tree for 17 Christmases now.  It has held up really well.  This year I decorated with burlap ribbon and red, gold, and silver ornaments, along with all of our other ornaments that we have collected over the years.  My kids always insist we have candy canes on the tree and my husband likes every ornament that has any sentiment at all on the tree as well.  Needless to say, it has a lot of ornaments.  My husband and I differed in opinion about the lights on the tree for many years.  He likes blue lights; I like white.  So a couple of years ago we struck a compromise and did both, and I really like it!  It’s so pretty with the blue lights deep in the tree and the white lights on the outside.  Of course, there are many more white lights than blue, but that will be our secret.  I usually put up the tree and put on the lights during the day, and then we all put the ornaments on together in the evening as a family.

Christmas 2013 Luke 2:14 poster

This Luke 2:14 poster is also hanging in our family room.  It is also available in my Etsy shop.  I had this one printed at Staples as a blueprint in the 18x24 size.  I built the frame for this one as well using these instructions.

Christmas 2013 foyer collage

Well, we are back in our foyer now.  The shelf on the wall holds the J-O-Y frames I made a couple of years ago and another nativity set.  The little nightstand that I painted and placed in our foyer this summer has the usual lamp with an ornament hanging from the knob, another little Christmas tree tied with the red-striped fabric strips, some greenery, and a little framed monogram.  There is also another picture of my table top tree.

I hope you have enjoyed the little tour of our home at Christmas time, and I hope I have inspired you in some way.  I would love to see your home decorated for Christmas, please leave me a link if you have pictures somewhere on the web.

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Jo Ann said...

It's very beautiful, Karen! You have the whole Christmas decoration but most especially, the true Spirit of Christmas going on inside your home. Anyone you invite there will surely be blessed!

Hugs always,

Teresa Arsenault said...

Thanks for the wonderful Christmas tour of your beautiful home. I love the delight that spread all around your home and your family.

We finally managed to just get a tree up this year. I posted a couple of pics here:

kiwimeskreations said...

Beautiful Karen, I really enjoyed the wee tour around your house. I have just put up our wee artificial tree today, with lace and other ornaments that I have made, as well as various ones dating back to my childhood, so they will be over 60yrs old...
That is about it for us, other than some other ornaments around the lounge.

Debbie said...

Your Christmas decorations are beautiful!! Thanks for sharing the pics and inspiration!!

Susan M said...

Your home looks really beautiful Karen very warm and cosy too. I wish you a blessed time with your family and thank you for your lovely wordart you so generously share with us.