Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ecclesiastes 4:9,10 WORDart

Happy Thursday!

Here is another requested WORDart this week.  You all are making it so easy for me with your requests.  It’s really nice to know what scriptures to create that will be the most useful to you.  Thank you.

Ecclesiastes 4_9-10

(click image to download)

I am so very thankful for those people that God has put in my life that encourage me, pray for me and don’t judge me.  One encouraging word can make a world of difference some days.  Do you ever have days like that?  This would make such a great verse to put on a thank you card for them.

I am still open to requests.  I have had quite a few, but I really wouldn't mind finishing out the year with your requests.  If you have a scripture you would like within a certain time frame, just let me know along with your request.

Have a blessed day!

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Sientje said...

Thank you for this scripture. I wanted to make a card for a young lady from my church, she is going to marry tomorrow. And this scripture is there wedding scripture.

kiwimeskreations said...

This is beautiful thanks Karen.