Thursday, September 27, 2012

1 Chronicles 29:11 WORDart

Happy Thursday!

Another Thursday, already.  Here is the WORDart for this week.

1 Chronicles 29:11 WORDart by Karen for personal use

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Sometimes we just need to stop and worship God for who He IS.  You, Lord, are great, all powerful, full of glory and victory.  You are majestic!  All that is in heaven and earth belongs to you.  Yours is the kingdom.  Thou, O Lord, are exalted as head above all.  I love this scripture!

David spoke these words after the people willingly gave to build the palace for the Lord.  He blessed the Lord for the people’s willingness to give, but then He goes on to say, “Both riches and honor come from You, and You reign over all.  In Your hands are power and might; in Your hands it is to make great and to give strength to all. Now therefore, our God, we thank You and praise Your glorious name and those attributes which that name denotes.  But who am I, and what are my people, that we should retain strength and be able to offer thus so willingly?  For all things come from You, and out of Your own [hand] we have given You.” (1 Chronicles 29:12-14 Amplified version--Italics mine)  I feel that way so many times, Who am I to be able to give back to God when He has given so much for me?  I feel like I have so little to give, but I have to consider what He is asking of me.  Am I willing to give that? He already owns everything I have, so why would I not give it back willingly?  But yet, there are times when I find myself holding onto things that don’t even belong to me in the first place.  I pray that God finds willingness in my heart.  Willingness to worship Him without holding back, willingness to serve Him and Him alone, willingness to exalt Him above everything else in my life.  Willingness to do whatever He asks of me.

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I want to say a great big thank you to all of my readers. Thank you to all of my new followers, as well as the ones who have stuck with me through the years. I treasure all the support you have given me and continue to give me. I have made such wonderful friends through my blog. THANK YOU!

I am making October Reader’s Choice month on my blog.  If you have a scripture you would like made into WORDart, I would be happy to do that for you.  Now is a great time to be thinking about scriptures you would like to use on holiday cards or décor, or however you want to use it.  Just shoot me an email with the scripture you would like.  I normally use the King James Version for my WORDart.  Please check to see if I have already created WORDart for that scripture before you request it.  Most of the WORDart I have created can be found here, although I may have missed a few.  I know I am not always good at keeping up with that page.  If I have already created it and it is not on there, I will direct you to where you can find it (and add it). 


Have a blessed day!

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Linda Carson said...

Thank you so much for today's scripture! I need to keep my eyes on our awesome God esp. during this political season and the problems of our nation.

kiwimeskreations said...

Thank you Karen for these words, and the wordart., they are such an encouragement and so timely.
ps I will email you later with a scripture, once I have checked the archives :-)

Marilyn Mathis said...

Really appreciate your blog and the scriptures. You are a blessing. Thanks for sharing.