Thursday, August 9, 2012

Proverbs 3:5 WORDart

Happy Thursday!  I love Thursdays!  It means the weekend is almost here.

Here is the WORDart I created for you this week.  I hope you like it and find a use for it.

Proverbs 3:5 WORDart by Karen for personal use

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Trust.  It seems God is constantly dealing with me about trusting Him.  I don’t think we can ever get to the place where we cannot trust Him more.  Last night at church, the speaker spoke about God being in our boat (Matthew 8:23-27).  In the scripture the disciples were afraid because they were in a great storm, but Jesus was asleep.  He was still there with them and was giving them an opportunity to trust Him, but they failed to see that opportunity.   They were afraid.  I think (know) there are times in my life when I miss opportunities that God is trying to teach me to trust Him.  Times when I let fear paralyze me instead of putting my faith in Him.  I am thankful that God continues to show me and teach me about trusting Him even if the lessons are not easy ones to go through.

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I remember when I was thirteen years old, an age that seems so young now, but at that time I felt wise beyond my years.  I had been raised in church all my life and had been taught to put God first in all things.  As young as I was, I wanted to know what God expected of me and what He had planned for my life.  It seemed as though God’s Will and I where I currently was at in my life were worlds apart.  By the time I was officially a teenager, I felt that God was calling me to be a foreign missionary.  But at thirteen, the age to become one seemed so far away.  It was at that time that the scripture found in Proverbs 3:5 spoke out to me. “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.”  I learned, very impatiently, that trusting in the Lord means slowing down at the yellow light and even stopping at a red light.   I learned that leaning not unto my own understanding, as hard as that can be, did not limit me to a small field of possibilities, but opened up the door to a world of opportunity and blessing.  At that time, I felt I had learned the lesson of trusting in God, but now I realize how I naïve I was. Trusting in God is not a one-time lesson we learn but rather one step we take which brings us closer to Him.  Now, ten years later, I realize no matter how wise I feel that true wisdom is relying on Him and trusting in His way even when it’s not my way.  It’s not always easy; there is always a reason or an excuse to go with what we know or how we feel.  I am married now and my dreams and goals are no longer my own but shared with someone I love.  Trusting in the Lord no longer affects just me but it now affects my spouse and my marriage.  But every time I place my life, my marriage, my family and relationships, my ministry, my hopes and dreams, my goals and ambitions into His hand and trust in His way, not mine, I am taking another step closer to knowing my Father and the joy of following His plan.  This joy is what I believe the writer spoke of when he wrote in the book of Proverbs, “happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding.”

By karissa Kramer

Thank you for stopping by today.  My blog is going to be a bit quiet for the rest of the month.  I will be spending time with my family and focusing on getting ready for school to start.  I will probably be limiting my posts to just the WORDart on Thursdays.  I hope you all enjoy the last few weeks of summer.

Have a blessed day!

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Teresa Arsenault said...

Thanks for this word art, Karen. This is my husband's favorite scripture. I wonder what I can make for him with this. Any ideas.

Thank you for sharing from your heart, too. Enjoy your time with your family and getting ready for school time to resume.

Blessing hugs,

kiwimeskreations said...

Thank you so much Karen for this word art, and Karissa for you devotional - lots of food for thought there :-)

Jennifer said...

Thank you so much Karen and Karissa for your wonderful encouragement! My kids and I were driving this week when we were rear-ended by a big truck. I was so upset at first and then the Lord showed me how he had protected our family by having us hit bumper to bumper. I must remember to trust Him in all things!
Have a great time getting ready for school! I'm doing the same....the excitement is building in our home! LOL