Thursday, January 26, 2012

Psalm 98:1 WORDart


Here is this week’s WORDart.  Click on it to download.

Psalm 98:1

I am amazed at the way God works sometimes.   I chose and created this wordart several weeks ago.  Little did I realize the events that would transpire just days before I posted it.  It ties in perfectly with the miraculous birth of my granddaughter, Jaliyah Grace.  My son was asked to share the story of her birth, which truly is a testimony to the victorious life we live in Christ.  God has done a marvelous thing and I thought I would share his testimony with you here. 

Jaliyah was born On 1/24/2012 At final delivery faces went from happy to scared. Jaliyah's shoulders were distorted and this means that Jaliyah was stuck and she was being suffocated. She was not breathing for 3 minutes....hear the story........God is a miracle worker!!


Thank you for stopping by today.  May God richly bless you and do marvelous things in your life.  If he already has, share it!  I would love to hear it.



Susan M said...

A wonderful testimony1 Such a lovely name for a lovely little girl.Your wordart scripture says it all!

Jennifer said...

O sing unto the Lord a new song! For He indeed is an awesome God who cares about all the details in our lives and the lives of the children that enter our world! Thanks so much for sharing!

Teresa Arsenault said...

Karen, thank you so much for sharing this awesome testimony of the greatness of our God.
And congratulations on the birth of your beautiful new granddaughter.
Blessings & Hugs,

Little Birdie Blessings said...

WOW, God is awesome isn't he. Thanks for sharing your son's account of this precious miracle baby. It was quite a powerful story. Congratulations to all of you. ~ Abby

Michelle said...

Wow Karen...god readlly works his wonder doesn't he. That was a beautiful testimony and i myself had a similar experience. I tell you, god and my angels were wth me the day I concieved and the day my daughter was born. From being told "you could never have children and i would be risking my life and a death of a child" thing you now...I proved the dr's wrong...and lemme tell you I thanked god for her...I did almost die from the loss of blood but she (Katrina) is my miracle baby. God granted me a child when all hope was distroyed by science...

Faith always brings good things when you least expect it. Sending love to you and your..