Thursday, October 27, 2011

Psalm 46:1 WORDart


Psalm 46:1

Here is yet another scripture about God being our strength.  It seems to be a recurring theme with me these days.  I am very thankful for the strength He gives me.  He is my refuge from the stresses of life.  Homeschooling four children, being a wife to my wonderful husband, keeping up a house, laundry, making meals and finding a few minutes here and there for a hobby would never be possible on my own strength—at least not with a good attitude. ;)  I love those moments alone with Him, where I can feel Him infusing me with His strength.  God is so good to me!

Click here to download the WORDart.

Have a blessed day!



Nancy said...

AMEN!! Thanks so much, Karen! I still haven't picked up any ink! lol Hopefully I'll get to the city this weekend! Hope your day is filled with JOY!...Nancy :o)

Jan Marie said...

Thank you, Karen for sharing the talents the Lord has given you and for spreading His precious Word. You are blessing. . .and more than you may ever know (at least this side of the Jordan!) Blessings!

Scrapping Julie said...

such beautiful words

Susan M said...

Thank you for this Karen ! Trouble is the next word I have to use on my ABC Scripture page over at triplethescraps.blogspot .com. I will gratefully use your word art and will link to your blog. I have tried to post your blog button on my blog but it stops me copying don't know if i'm doing anything wrong!