Thursday, October 20, 2011

2 Timothy 3:15



I made this WORDart to use in my kid’s school room.  As a homeschooling mom, my children’s education is a high priority for me, as it is to any mother.  My children reading and studying the word of God is so important!  They need to know that God is their strength when they are feeling weak, that He is their healer when they are sick, that His grace is sufficient for whatever situation they might find themselves in.  I want them to feel God’s approval in their lives and to not be ashamed that they are His children and to love His word.

I had some fun playing around with the colors, even making a fall themed one to match my fall décor.   You are welcome to use any of these, just click on the link under the image to download it.  They are 4 x 6 and ready to print and frame.  The link for the black and white jpg and png files is at the bottom.


2 Timothy 3-15 fall WORDart by Karen



2 Timothy 3-15 red WORDart by Karen


2 Timothy 3-15 pink WORDart by Karen


2 Timothy 3-15 turquoise WORDart by Karen



To download the black & white WORDart file click here.


I hope you find these useful for something.

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