Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lamentations 3:22-23 WORDart


Lamentations 3_22,23 Frame-It

Leftovers.  I have a refrigerator full of them.  If you are like me, you wait until you can’t cram another thing in there before cleaning it out.  I usually wait until just before I go grocery shopping and then clean it out.  I like to have a clean fridge for all the fresh stuff.  In my family you either like leftovers or you don’t.  My husband rarely eats leftovers, but my kids and I often enjoy having them for lunch the next day.  Leftovers are a funny thing.   There are the leftovers nobody eats, and then there are the ones that are claimed before we ever leave the dinner table.  It is not even uncommon to find someone’s name on a container of leftovers in the fridge staking their claim.  Then there are the foods that just don’t taste good at all as leftovers or maybe they are just overlooked or forgotten all together.  My refrigerator full of leftovers had me thinking about how grateful I am that I don’t have to depend on leftovers from my Heavenly Father.   The Bible said his mercies are new every morning and that his compassions fail not.  I don’t have to clean out yesterday’s garbage before I can start enjoying his mercies today.  I think it’s hard sometimes to comprehend that we have fresh mercy daily.  A lot of mornings I wake up still facing yesterday’s problems, but God is offering me a fresh clean day with fresh clean mercy.  He never offers me leftovers!  The problems may still be there, but He is extending hope and grace and I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  God is so good to me!   I am so thankful for His faithfulness.

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May you feel the fresh mercies of God in your life today.



RavensFan said...

Hi Karen:

I am a new follower of your blog. I, too, am reminded of God's infinite mercies upon my life. Thank you for your inspiration. I think the way you create word art is truly a ministry. It is to me anyway. Thank you for your encouragement!