Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother’s Day and 31 Days to Clean update

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This is a last minute Mother’s Day card I made for my daughter-in-law.  I used Background Basics: Twinkle, Label Basics, Delightful Dahlia and Flower Fusion #3 stamp sets from Papertrey.


I got the sweetest gift from my kids this year.  They all got together and made me a basket of my favorite things.  It really touched me that they took the time to do that for me, not to mention how special it was that they knew so many of my favorite things.  They did a really great job!  I received my very first Grandma card this year.  That was a new experience.  My granddaughter saw me at church on Sunday and yelled down the hallway, “Happy Mother’s Day, Grandma!”….so sweet, talk about melting my heart.

Homemakers Challenge - 31 Days to Clean

I am finding I am not able to keep up with the really big jobs, but I am very happy with the progress I am making.  I definitely wouldn’t be this far along in my cleaning without this challenge.  So far, I have accomplished…

My refrigerator and freezer are cleaned out and organized.

All of the tops of my cabinets (which includes cleaning all of the glass “untouchables” I keep up there), the top of my refrigerator and my ceiling fan are clean.

My oven and microwave are gleaming.

My kitchen windows are spotless (for now) and the vertical blinds and window treatments are all clean.

All of my cabinets are clean and shiny.

I have one cabinet all cleaned out and organized and have made really good progress on cleaning and organizing my pantry.

My favorite part of this challenge are the Mary challenges, and I have really enjoyed  just reading the book on its own.  I have found it to be so inspiring and thought provoking.  I think I will find myself reading it over and over again.  You can find more info on this book here and on the challenge here.

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Cindy (Stamp With Me Cindy G/Stamping Therapy) said...

Thanks Karen. Your card is beautiful. I was so intrigued by your 31 Days To Clean mission, that I just purchased the book for download to my droid so I can read it using my kindle ap. On my way to a doctor's appointment now so it is perfect timing as I will be able to start reading it in the waiting room. Thanks for sharing.

Scrapping Julie said...

wonderful card you made. i did not make cards this year! GASP! i've been so busy doing projects around the house i just havent taken time to be crafty.. i love the basket your kids go you and all of the thought behind it. congrats on getting so much done around the house!!!