Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Homemaker’s Challenge—31 days to clean

Homemakers Challenge - 31 Days to Clean

If you are here looking for WORDart, I am taking the month off to focus on finishing the school year out and getting my home in order.  I usually take the first month after we finish school to catch up on all that heavy cleaning that doesn’t get done during the school year.  As a homeschooling mom, I find it is hard to keep up with both.  I came across the 31 days to clean challenge going on now and decided to “just do it”.  I am very excited that if I can stay on top of this, it will mean I am finished with school and my house will be clean at the same time!  Hopefully that means more crafty time for me…and a more relaxed summer. 

More about the challenge…  The challenge is based on the book “31 days to clean-Having a Martha House the Mary Way”.  The thing I really love about this challenge is that it doesn’t just focus on the physical part of cleaning but it also focuses on our hearts and our motives for what we do.  We can have a perfectly clean home, but if our heart is dirty then that is what our loved ones will see.  They will notice that our attitude is not right and our home will not be the bright, happy home we desire it to be.

This book is such a great read even if you are not doing the challenge.  It has already challenged me to look at things differently than I have before.  You can find the book here and more info about the challenge at Joyful Mothering.

I will be sharing more about the challenges as I go along.

And a note about WORDart…If you have used my WORDart, I would love to see what you have made with it.  Please feel free to leave me a link.  You can see all of the WORDart that I have created by going here.

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Chris said...

Such an appropriate time for me to pop in and see what you are doing. For me, clutter is my worst enemy. My husband is always disappointed the way the house looks - I think I may jump on board this challenge. I know there is time each day to do one thing, I just have to do it! :)